Municipal Court

To make web payment of tickets, go to:

While maintaining separate books and records, Montgomery Township shares court personnel and facilities with Hillsborough Township as part of a shared services agreement to realize cost-savings for our taxpayers.

To appear before the Montgomery Court, at the time and date given on your citation, go to the above address in Hillsborough.

As per the judge, no one may come before the court wearing shorts. Proper attire and decorum is expected. Thank you!

If you have a ticket you may always pay it on-line. Please see Web Payments link above. All tickets are payable at the Hillsborough Municipal Court Office at the Hillsborough Township Municipal Complex at 379 South Branch Road, Hillsborough, NJ 08844.

For further information, go to the Hillsborough Municipal Court webpage at:
or call 908-369-3532.

The Municipal Court hears all motor vehicle, disorderly persons offenses, weights/measures complaints, fish & game violations, local ordinance violations and citizen complaints. (i.e. Simple Assault; Shoplifting; Criminal Mischief). The goal of the Court is to ensure that every person is treated with respect and given a fair trial or experience in Municipal Court. The Municipal Court Office:

  • Prepares and schedules Municipal Court sessions, as well as any “Special Court Sessions”
  • Prepares the weekly Court Calendar for Court Sessions.
  • Attends Court sessions for the purpose of maintaining a tape recording and log; as well as processing payments and other court orders from the bench.
  • Keeps current on motor vehicle laws, disorderly persons laws, administrative issues and updates the Township Administrator and Township Committee on changes that may have an effect on other municipal offices.
  • Processes private citizen complaints (motor vehicle/disorderly) and makes determination of probable cause before a complaint is signed. The court may recommend and send private citizen complaints to “mediation ” by the Community Dispute Resolution Program. This is an alternative to formal court proceedings and if citizens are unable to resolve their dispute, they still have the option of presenting the matter to the Court.
  • Enters all motor vehicle summons and criminal complaints. Follows up on cases in a timely fashion as to any late notices; rescheduling; issuance of warrants or suspension of drivers licenses.
  • The Court Administrator is responsible for all financial and purchasing procedures for the Court.
  • The Judge and Court Administrators are on call for the Police Department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.