What's Grilling?  Farmer's Market Offers Fresh Selections Saturday

What’s Grilling? Farmer’s Market Offers Fresh Selections Saturday

Posted on July 2, 2021


Every Saturday from June 5 to November 20, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Village Shopper III
1378 Route 206, Skillman (near Mooyah)

Make your Fourth of July true blue with locally grown items from the farmers market

Grill up plump chicken and juicy sausages from Griggstown Farms, meaty mushrooms from Zell’s Farm. Throw on squash, asparagus, and onions from Clifford Farms for great-tasting side dishes. Don’t forget the salad with tender Bibb lettuce.

PRO TIP: Local honey tastes great in a honey-mustard dressing!

Make an All-American sandwich with bread from Bread & Culture.

Have a Red, White, and Blue finish with New Jersey raspberries and blueberries over ice cream. Or try a fruit pie from Griggstown Farms.



Market News:

·    Mary Jacobs Library will be on hand with books and activities for kids.

·    Bread & Culture makes its debut Saturday selling its artisanal breads and tender pastries.

·    Roastwell Coffee at the market every week from now on.

·    Von Thuns returns to the market

·    Griggstown Farms has wonderful fruit pies, too!


What’s in season? These are at their best right now. Grab them while you can:

·    Asparagus

·    Garlic scapes

·    Fava beans

·    Blueberries


Montgomery’s Farmers’ Market, an outreach of the Montgomery Friends of Open Space (MFOS), features locally-grown, conventional and certified organic produce, poultry, eggs and other farm products.

Also unique all-organic granolas and granola bars, gentle natural soaps (see them below) all made within 50 miles of Montgomery.

Truly local.


Who’s at the Market?

Our Fabulous Market Community:

·    Bread & Culture  Flaky pastries and tender breads from organic grains and natural yeasts.

·    Christopher Soaps   Handmade, 100% all-natural vegan soaps with essential oils.

·    Clifford Family Farm Wide variety of organic veggies and fruit.

·    Fairgrown Farm Young Farmers originally from Montgomery. Vegetables, lettuces, berries and herbs.

·    Griggstown Farm Market  Old favorite. Pot pies, fruit pies, soups, amazing sausages, mushrooms & fresh mozzarella

·    Lilliputian Imports Microgreens

·    Orchard Farm Organics    Organic vegetables, flowers, and sauces. Been with us since the beginning. 19 years!

·    Roastwell Coffee Roasters Their popular brews now in Montgomery.

·    The Granola Bar    Unique specialty granolas and granola bars. All organic.

·    Von Thun Family Farms    Incredible selection of tasty vegetables and fruit.

·    Zell Farm Asian vegetables and specialty mushrooms


  • Local farmers and family business benefiting from local spending
  • Lots of happy children playing in parks
  • New spaces for team sports
  • More open space for walking, bicycling, and playing



Montgomery Friends of Open Space

P.O. Box 287, Skillman, NJ 08558