Upcoming Roadside Tree Trimming Work

Posted on March 2, 2020

PSE&G has given the Township notice of upcoming routine tree trimming that will begin in approximately 2 weeks (as of 3/02/20).  They have already begun the process of notifying the affected residents – residents are asked to sign cards confirming that they were notified, or the crews leave a card at the house.  I discussed the extent of the trimming with him, and he said that it will be preventative tree trimming in particular “hot spots”.  They estimate the entire project will take about a week or two, and they will work with the Police Department on scheduling special duty officers where needed.

They plan to trim trees on the following roads:

Route 206 in the vicinity of Wall Street

Route 206 in the vicinity of Wood Thrush Lane

44 Route 601 – to address 2 dead trees

Source: PSE&G and sub-contractor