Streambank Tree Planting Events - October & November

Streambank Tree Planting Events – October & November

Posted on September 30, 2021

Rock Mill Preserve – October 13 & 14 (overflow on 10/15)

Join us at Rock Mill Preserve on 360 Grandview Road to help us plant 200 trees along the Rock Brook stream corridor.

The recent flash flooding due to the remnants of Hurricane Ida have highlighted the importance of strengthening the resilience of our communities.  Planting trees along the stream bank and flood plain will aid in preventing soil erosion and increase the flood storage capacity of this area.  These trees are also important to add a healthy new “generation” of trees as so many ash trees are dying in the Sourlands.

Available planting times:

Wednesday October 13, 9-11AM or 11AM-1PM

Thursday October 14, 9-11AM or 11AM-1PM

Friday October 15, 9-11AM (if needed, if planting isn’t completed on Thursday)

To sign up, register here for a 2 hour time:


Folusiak Property – November 11-13

Join us at the Folusiak property located at 150 Hollow Road (entrance just north of the railroad tracks) to plant 1,000 shrubs and trees.  A multitude of bird species are utilizing this unique wet meadow habitat in the Sourlands, so we are adding a number of understory plants along a tributary stream to provide a habitat corridor for the birds, and other wildlife.  The Washington Crossing Audubon is assisting by providing a bird inventory before and after our planting, and in recommending native plant species attractive to birds in the region.

Available planting times:

Thursday November 11, 9-11AM or 11AM-1PM

Friday November 12, 9-11AM or 11AM-1PM

Saturday November 13, 9-11AM or 11AM-1PM

To sign up, register here for a 2 hour time:

Source: Montgomery Open Space Committee