Take Control of Your Health - Free Workshops in New Year!

Take Control of Your Health – Free Workshops in New Year!

Posted on January 14, 2018


New Year, New You! Make Your Resolution Stick!

 The Montgomery Township Health Department would like to inform you about a FREE workshop called “Take Control of Your Health”:

Call now to sign-up for the Take Control of Your Health program, designed for those who want to take charge of their ongoing health conditions and get relief from their pain, fatigue, and other symptoms. A free six-week workshop will be offered beginning Monday, January 7. Attend at least 5 sessions to receive cash incentives.

To register online, go to https://health.montgomery.nj.us/takecontrol/ or call Montgomery Township Health Educator Devangi Patel at (908) 533-9331.

If you are a Montgomery resident/business/organization member and would like to offer this program for FREE to your partners, patients or employees, please call Devangi Patel at the Health Department at (908) 533-9331.

  • “Take Control of Your Health” is an evidence-based program offered in your area.
  • Program is a self-management education intervention for adults with chronic health conditions like arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, lung disease, Lyme disease etc. People with more than one chronic condition may find the program especially helpful.
  • The target audience includes those with chronic diseases, their family, friends and caregivers.
  • Program is conducted as a series of weekly 2.5 hour long classes for 6 weeks. Participants learn techniques for coping with the physical and psychological effects of chronic disease, and strategies for reducing symptoms and disability.
  • Among the proven benefits of this program, participants report less pain, fatigue, and depression; more energy; better communication with their physicians; better overall health; and increased confidence that they can manage their health.

Source: Montgomery Twp. Health Dept.