Posted on December 15, 2020

Heavy, wet snow is predicted for Wednesday into Thursday with the possibility of icing, which could impact power lines.  Some forecasts suggest we may get more than a foot of snow. Here are some preparation reminders for our residents:

1.     Parking on any street during snow emergencies is strictly prohibited by ordinance. This impedes snow removal.

2.     Charge your cell phones, stock up on food/medications & gas up vehicles in advance.

3.     Register your account with PSE&G in advance.  Go to their Outage Center page to report or get status on power outages at:

4.     Check your generator in advance. If needed, keep it vented away from home.

5.     Make sure the exhaust vents to your furnace and hot water heater are clear of drifting snow.

6.     Be patient waiting for snow plows. Montgomery Public Works Dept. is getting everything ready to clear roads as fast as possible. Crews will be working overnight.

7.     You can help by clearing snow 3 feet away from a fire hydrant in all directions, if one is near your property. This will aid responders in case of an emergency.

8.     Please clear sidewalks within 24 hours of last snowfall.

9.      If you or a loved one has special requirements, such as medical equipment requiring electricity, plan ahead for the possibility of an outage and the need to evacuate. Now is also a good time to sign-up for the Township’s Special Needs List or NJ Register Ready – Special Needs Registry for Disasters/ These are confidential lists notifying local law enforcement of persons who may need special assistance during emergencies. See:


 MORE ON SNOW PLOWING: HOW RESIDENTS CAN HELP Residents play an important role in assisting Montgomery Township in clearing roads when snow storms hit. Your cooperation and patience are needed and appreciated! Here are some guidelines for residents:

• DO NOT put snow into the roadway as you clear your driveway and/or sidewalk. Throw snow off the road and ‘downdrift’ of the plow, which means to the right of your driveway when facing the street. Snow piled ‘updrift’ is more likely to end up back in your driveway.

• If you clear driveways/sidewalks before plowing is done curb-to-curb, expect to have snow that comes off the plow at the end of the driveway or in the sidewalk. • Due to snow coming off the plow, mailboxes can be damaged. It is not the intent of the driver to damage a mailbox. If your mailbox is damaged, email DPW at: (more info under DPW’s Seasonal Notices – Winter webpage.)

• Do NOT place trash or recycling cans out until the plows have passed. Recycling pick-ups may be delayed this week so leave containers at street Friday/Saturday. • Please watch children and keep them out of the plows’ path and harm’s way.

• If snow is piled up around the mailbox so that the post office cannot deliver mail, clear the snow away if you are able, or have your mail held at the post office until the snow has melted and mail delivery can be resumed.

• If a storm drain becomes blocked with snow, please report this by emailing your name, telephone number, and the address where the storm drain is located, to

To learn more about how Montgomery Township plows approximately 260 lane-miles of roadway, and to understand what curb-to-curb plowing means and the timing, go to: We appreciate our residents’ cooperation in following these snow clearing guidelines. Remember – our crews are out there working hard, doing their best to serve you.