Sourland Conservancy Fall Events

Posted on September 25, 2020

Sourland Solo Fest October 10, 2020: The traditional Sourland Mountain Festival has been canceled due to the health crisis. The Sourland Conservancy is excited to announce a unique virtual music event: The Save the Sourlands Solo Fest. This virtual festival has three purposes: to enlist volunteers, raise awareness of the biggest threat the Sourlands has ever faced, and raise funds to defend our forest against the loss of 1 million ash trees in the Sourlands region, over 20% of the entire forest. This hour-long program will feature naturalist interviews combined with outdoor solo musical performances – from top regional artists such as Sourland Mountain native, Danielia Cotton, and world-class dobro player and singer-songwriter, Abbie Gardener – in stunning landscapes of the Sourlands. The Sourland Conservancy is leading the fight to keep the Sourland forest healthy. We have a growing community of stewards, activists, community influencers, outdoor explorers, and business partners joining our efforts. Learn more at


Saturday, October 24th, Join the Ash Crisis Team (ACT) Fall Tree Sale!
The Sourland Conservancy’s mission to protect, promote and preserve the unique character of the Sourland Mountain region is more important than ever as the forest faces a significant threat. This fall we will be selling another round of tree kits. Each kit includes a native tree sapling, 6″ fence, stake, and zip ties to protect from deer browse. Tree species in the sale include (note quantities are limited): Shagbark Hickory, American Holly, Blackhaw, Sugarberry, Black Gum. The ACT initiative is sponsored by Pinelands Nursery. For more information, learn more about the ACT initiative and to purchase a tree kit, visit


Sourland “Train Station” Seminar Series – Virtually!
The Sourland Conservancy will host our annual education series this fall, virtually. There are some great speakers lined up. The series will kick off the last week of October. Sign up via


Tuesday 10/27, 7PM, The Natural Web: Who Needs Plants? with Mary Anne Borge
How do plants support the animal species with which they coexist, and what benefit do animals provide to plants in return?  What benefits do plants offer humans in terms of food, medicine, and building materials?  We’ll look at some specific plant species to understand their importance to all forms of life, from people to insects, birds, mammals, and even fungi.  Sign up via


Thursday 11/5, 7PM,  Sourland Mountain and American Indians: A Hidden Story with Ian Burrow

American Indians have been in the Sourlands for at least 8000 years, but it can seem as if they left little evidence of their life here.  Recent re-examination of artifact collections, new historical research, and archaeological surveys on the Mountain itself are beginning to change that picture.  Local archaeologist and historian Ian Burrow will talk about what we know and don’t know, about Indigenous people on and around the Mountain.  If you have Indian artifacts you’d like to know more about, bring them to the Zoom meeting! Sign up via


Thursday 11/12, 7 PM, How Many Wildflowers Can You Grow in a Sourland Mountain Garden? with Juanita Hummel

Gardening on the Sourland Mountain can be a challenge! The landscape is sprinkled with giant boulders, the topsoil is shallow, rocky, acidic and sometimes soggy, and there are too many hungry deer living in the woods.  Here are some tips on what to try based on 35 years of experience with all of the above mini-ecosystems in our Sourland Mountain yard.  The focus of the talk will be primarily on native plants, most native to the Sourlands, as well as their role in the ecosystem. Sign up via