Somerset Cty Preservation Plan – Public Comment Opportunities

Posted on September 22, 2021

Somerset County Preservation Plan

The Somerset County Preservation Plan will update the 2000 Parks, Recreation & Open Space Master Plan Update, the 2008 Comprehensive Farmland Preservation Plan and include the preparation of a new Historic Preservation Plan.  The Preservation Plan will provide land use, funding and partnership strategies for preservation in Somerset County.  This Plan will also identify linkages between the three programs including, economic development, natural resource conservation, and tourism. This planning effort will advance the implementation of the Somerset County Investment Framework and the County’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy that were adopted as part of the County Master Plan in April of 2014.

There are a series of virtual meeting dates when the public may offer input.  To read the plan, find meeting dates, or for further information, go to the Somerset County website at:

Preservation Plan

Source: Somerset County Office of Planning