Somerset County’s New Recycling Tote Program

Posted on August 30, 2018

As of August, 2018, Somerset County Recycling Division is BEGINNING to gradually roll out a new Curbside Recycling practice and equipment, which will be completely implemented County-wide within the next four years.  Every household will be receiving two new 65 gallon recycling “totes” on wheels, which look similar to most trash hauler receptacles. They have wheels to easily move around and have color-coded lids that are permanently attached.  This improvement to ergonomics will protect recycling pickup workers and is part of a new dual stream recycling process which will be used by Somerset County.

The first section of Montgomery has just received its totes and first use will be the Friday, August 31, 2018 pick-up.  The first and only current section impacted is Southwestern Montgomery households (see map).  No other sections of Montgomery are subject to the upgrade at this time.  When your totes are dropped off you will also receive a letter from Somerset County Recycling Division with detailed instructions.

For more information on how the program will work, go to:

Source: Somerset County Recycling Division