Som. Cty Library to Host Conversations & Digital Survey for Strategic Planning

Posted on July 16, 2018

Further input requested from County residents

The Somerset County Library System of New Jersey (SCLSNJ) is currently embarking on the creation of new strategic plan to help maintain and further enhance the Library System’s mission and vision.

SCLSNJ’s new plan will be made up of two areas: core services and strategic priorities. In order to explore these services and priorities, the Library is gathering data from the community. A series of thirty focus group conversations with residents has already begun to provide valuable feedback about community aspirations. SCLSNJ is also hosting an online survey to learn more about the kind of place people want to live in and the ways people use the Library.

“The more we know about our communities’ needs and priorities, the better we can focus on services, programs, and initiatives that make a difference for the people who live in Somerset County. And the best way for use to learn about our communities is to ask the people who live in them,” said Lynn Hoffman, SCLSNJ’s director of operations.

The System will be using the Dynamic Planning Model, developed by the Public Library Association (PLA). The process has four phases: to assess, to strategize, to engage, and to impact. This planning model is cyclical and allows for the Library System to consistently adapt, learn, and grow, which will help the System continue to provide the highest level of library services to Somerset County residents.

“We really appreciate the input we’ve gathered from residents so far. One thing we’ve learned is that many people are looking for places in their communities where they can encounter and interact with their neighbors. The public library is already that place for a lot of our patrons, and we can look for ways to create spaces and events that help even more people feel like they are part of their community,” continued Hoffman.

The Library needs your input – share what kind of community you want to live in and how you use the Library: To learn more about the planning process:

Source: SCLS