Solar Eclipse Eye Safety

Posted on August 21, 2017

Please read this info sheet of guidelines for viewing a solar eclipse.  Please note when reading this sheet that in New Jersey, there will be no totality.  The sun will be blocked 75% at most. Therefore THERE IS NEVER A TIME LOCALLY TO VIEW THE ECLIPSE DIRECTLY WITH THE NAKED EYE.  As of August 11th, a Courier News article stated that eclipse filter glasses were available for purchase at Walmart, Best Buy, and Lowes, but call ahead to confirm. In Central NJ area, the eclipse will begin to occur at approximately 1:22 PM on August 21st and reach its maximum darkness at 2:45 PM (approx. 75% of sun obscured) and complete at 4:01 PM.

The following info sheet was approved by American Astronomical Society, NASA, the National Science Foundation, and several national optometry / ophthalmology organizations:


You may also access this information online at its source, which is:

Source: Montgomery Twp. Health Dept.