Property Owners Must Keep Sidewalks Clear

Property Owners Must Keep Sidewalks Clear

Posted on September 12, 2019

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Sidewalks Must Be Kept Clear of Vegetation from Your Property

We would like to remind all homeowners who have sidewalks adjoining their property that it is their responsibility to keep these sidewalks clear of branches from trees and shrubbery growing on your property.

Any over-hanging  tree limbs must be trimmed to no lower than seven (7) feet above a sidewalk and shrubbery must also be trimmed back to allow clear passage.  This is for the safety of all pedestrians.

The Dept. of Public Works cannot enter onto private property to trim vegetation, which is the responsibility of the homeowner.  A property owner who neglects this task, which is required by town ordinance, is allowing a safety hazard to remain.  Thank you to all affected property owners for your anticipated cooperation in heeding this safety reminder!

Art Villano
Superintendent, Montgomery Dept. of Public Works