School’s in Session: Drive Safely

Posted on September 5, 2019

The new school year has started for Montgomery Township Public Schools.  We wanted to remind
everyone of some things that come with the new school year:

  • Younger children are more likely to be excited to see their friends, meet their new teachers, and get their
    seats in freshly decorated classrooms. Younger children are also more likely to make mistakes around
  • Many children will be starting new schools.
  • They will be learning new walking paths, either to the school or to a bus stop.
  • They may not have given themselves enough time on the new route, and will be hurrying.
  • Their parents will be learning new driving patterns at an unfamiliar school.
  • Older, high school children may be driving their own cars to school for the first time, also struggling with new traffic routes, congested school zones, and even more congested and confusing parking lots.
  • Some schools have made adjustments to their drop-off or pick-up zones.

All of this can have a ripple-effect to other drivers who will be coping with the actions, inactions, or bad
actions of children and drivers.

We want to take this opportunity to remind everyone to be especially aware as they operate their personal vehicles
and work vehicles. The next couple of weeks can be challenging. Please:

  • Watch your speed. A couple of mph faster will not make a real difference in your arrival time
  • Scan sidewalks and parked cars for signs of movement
  • Keep a safe following distance. Even if you anticipated something, the driver in front of you may not be
    as alert as you are.
  • Be particularly alert at intersections. Practice ‘covering your brake’ when called for.

Source: Montgomery Twp. Administration