Safe Communities Coalition Shatters Myths about Alcohol & Drug Use

Posted on January 29, 2016

Safe Communities Coalition Partners with Local Schools

To Help Teens Shatter the Myths about Alcohol and Drug Use

There are so many myths out there about drugs and alcohol that it’s hard for a teen to determine what is true and what is false.  Many teens believe certain myths that are perpetuated on the Internet and even in the media, such as marijuana is not addictive or prescription drugs are safer than illegal drugs.  Using any drug alters the brain, especially with repeated use or abuse.

“The Safe Communities Coalition has partnered with Hunterdon and Somserset County high schools and local middle schools for NIDA’s National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week,” said Cathy Canterino, Coalition Associate.  (NIDA stands for the National Institute on Drug Abuse).  “Each school has agreed to include a drug or alcohol fact during morning announcements or presented in Health class, each day this week starting on Monday, January 25, 2016.  Their participation and support is appreciated, as our partnership with county schools allows us to reach a large number of our youth.”

The facts have been provided to the schools by the Safe Communities Coalition of Hunterdon/Somerset on topics that are currently affecting our communities and are of immediate concern to parents of tweens or teens, such as heroin, prescription drugs, marijuana, underage drinking, e-cigarettes.  The facts provided to the schools is attached; further information on these topics can be found at the Coalition website at or call us at 908-782-3909.

“Educating the youth to the facts about the dangers and risks to their bodies and brains from underage drinking and drug use is of the utmost importance,” said Paige Meade, Chair of the Underage Drinking Workgroup for the Coalition.  Added Amy Menes, Chair of the Prescription Drugs Workgroup, “To understand how a person becomes addicted, and how quickly addiction can happen, is not something that teens think will happen to them.  The sad truth is that it does happen, and too often.”

The Coalition, which is managed by Hunterdon Prevention Resources (HPR), would like to thank the administration and staff of the following schools for their continued support of our initiatives:

  • Bernards High School
  • Bound Brook High School
  • Bound Brook Middle School
  • Clinton Township Middle School
  • Delaware Valley High School
  • Ethel Hoppock Middle School
  • Hillsborough High School
  • Hillsborough Middle School
  • Hunterdon Central High School
  • JP Case Middle School
  • Middle Earth
  • Montgomery High School
  • Montgomery Upper and Lower Middle Schools
  • North Hunterdon High School
  • Raritan Flemington Intermediate School
  • Somerville High School
  • Somerset County Vo-Tech
  • South Hunterdon High School
  • Voorhees High School
  • Watchung Hills High School

About the Safe Communities Coalition:  The goal of the Safe Communities Coalition is to live in a safe and healthy community by eliminating drug use, underage drinking and prescription drug abuse.  Through wide-spread community collaboration, environmental change, and community education in Hunterdon and Somerset counties, the Safe Communities Coalition will address areas of concern including, but not limited to, reducing Rx drug abuse across the lifespan, underage drinking, tobacco, marijuana, heroin, and other drug use.  For more information on the Coalition, visit our website at or follow us on Facebook at, Twitter @HSCoKnowINFO or Instagram at safe_communities.

(Note: For further information about the Montgomery/Rocky Hill Municipal Alliance and Youth Services Commission, contact Devangi Patel, Coordinator at (908) 359-8211 ext. 231.)

Source: Safe Communities Coalition of Hunterdon/Somerset