Reminder on Leaf and Yard Clean-up

Posted on November 9, 2017

Please Do Not Pile Leaves at Street Side or in Gutters

Stormwater regulations do not permit leaves/branches/brush to be placed in the road or in storm drains. We must ensure the safety of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians who travel Township roadways and sidewalks.

Montgomery residents are responsible for proper disposal of their leaves/branches.  Montgomery Township does not provide a leaf disposal program. Here are some guidelines:

  • Please remember to keep leaves out of storm drains and out of the street.
  • Follow Montgomery’s yard waste disposal rules for tree branch drop-off. Check the Container Facility and Bulletins pages of the twp. website at or contact Public Works at 908-874-3144.
  • Use a mulching mower that recycles grass clippings & leaves into the lawn.
  • Use leaves as a resource for compost. For tips on how to compost, go to the Public Works section of Montgomery’s website. Somerset County also has large compost bins available for $50 each, a considerable discount to retail price. They also provide seminars twice/year on how to compost.  Contact the County Office of Recycling at 908-231-7109.

If you see a violation of State stormwater regulations such as materials being dumped into stormwater drains or streams, call the Montgomery Township Stormwater Hotline at (908) 281-6525.  Much more information is available at

Source: Montgomery Twp. Public Works