Recent & Upcoming Road Improvement Projects

Posted on July 29, 2016

In recent years, the Township Committee has been actively addressing the condition of our township roadways – approving much needed road repair and reconstruction work. There has recently been a flurry of roadwork activity this summer – the hottest days are often the best conditions for paving roadways.  We wanted to provide an update to residents on the road projects which have just been completed, will soon begin, or are in planning stage.

The following Montgomery roads have recently been repaired, reconstructed, chip sealed, overlaid, or milled and paved along their entire length or a section:

Milling and paving of Bridgepoint Road from Dead Tree Run Road to Opdykes Mill Road was completed this spring.

Road and sidewalk work in the Platz Drive and Williamsburg neighborhoods was completed this spring.

Paving has been completed this summer on the following roads:
Dead Tree Run Road (Mill Pond Bridge to River Rd. /Rt. 533)
Fairview Rd.
Harlingen Road (between Rt. 206 & Devon Rd.)
Province Line Rd.
Sunset Road (between Fieldcrest & Rt. 601)
Township Line Road (between Pike Run Rd. & Belle Mead Co-op)

Sidewalk work has been completed this summer in the following areas:

Sidewalk repairs for various locations in the northeast section of town including McPherson Drive.

Upcoming Work

Viburnum Drive neighborhood Improvement Project, including Viburnum Drive, Sassafras Court and Spike Rush Court – this is an overlay project including drainage improvements. The contract has been awarded and work will begin this summer.

Montfort Drive and Canaday Court Traffic Calming Improvements.

Servis Road is scheduled for chip sealing later this year.

Pin Oak Road is scheduled for milling and paving sometime next year.

Contract plans are being prepared for:

Jamestown Neighborhood – this project includes the paving of the Jamestown Road, Woodward Drive, and Magill Blvd.

Barrington Road off Dead Tree Run will be paved and sidewalk repairs for the Clubside section of Cherry Valley will be done under the same contract as Jamestown.

New sidewalk on Montgomery Road – from 1860 House pathway to Rocky Hill border.

In Design Phase

 Design work on the next phase of Green Avenue (Staats Farm to Belle Mead/Griggstown Road) is ongoing.

A project to reconstruct a section of Cherry Valley Road from Cherry Hill Road to the west end of Jefferson’s curve is now in its permitting stage. Previous and current phases of reconstruction work on Cherry Valley Road are a 50-50 partnership between Montgomery and Princeton.

Princeton Avenue, between Mt. Lucas Road and the Rocky Hill border – a milling and paving project, along with sidewalk repairs on Blue Spring Road and Salisbury Road, is being designed.

County Road Work

Last year Route 601 was paved from Route 206 to Grandview Drive by Somerset County.  This year further paving was completed by the county south from Grandview to the intersection with Route 518.

Info on Day-to-Day Road Conditions

To  receive up-to-the-minute Montgomery Twp. road conditions due to accidents, construction, weather-related closures, etc., we recommend that residents sign up for notices from Montgomery Township Police by text and/or email at

Road maintenance is an ongoing priority of the Montgomery Township Administration. The Montgomery Township Engineering and Public Works departments are working very hard and we are pleased to report that excellent progress is being made on the overall condition of Township roads. It is an important and necessary investment of Montgomery tax dollars to keep the roadways in Montgomery safe for all our residents and the motoring public. Thank you.

Source: Montgomery Twp. Committee & Administration