'Plan Your Rain Garden' This Saturday

‘Plan Your Rain Garden’ This Saturday

Posted on November 8, 2018

Start Planning This Winter for Your New Rain Garden Next Spring!

Have you considered adding a rain garden to your landscape to enhance its beauty, improve drainage and create wildlife habitat?

8:30 AM to 10:00 AM

Otto Kaufman Community Center
356 Skillman Road
Skillman, NJ 08558
Meeting Room (Recreation Entrance)

Rain gardens can help us manage stormwater runoff from rooftops, driveways, lawns, roads, and parking areas. Rain gardens are attractive and look like regular perennial gardens, but they are much more. During a storm, a rain garden captures storm water, and allows the water to soak slowly into the ground rather than running into storm sewers.  By capturing stormwater, rain gardens help to reduce nonpoint source pollution (i.e., road sediment/salt, fertilizers, pesticides, bacteria from pet waste, eroded soil, grass clippings, litter, etc.) and help to protect local waterways.

In this one and a half hour morning workshop, homeowners can learn how to plan and plant their own raingarden, enhancing their property and their neighborhood!  Now is a good time to plan a raingarden for planting next spring.

Come hear Kory Kreiseder, Stormwater Specialist with the Watershed Institute (formerly Stony Brook Millstone Watershed Association) share her knowledge.  Ask her your questions. Learn the practicalities of creating a rain garden on your own property and how simple it can be to maintain.  There is no charge for this educational workshop.

Registrants will receive the ‘New Jersey Rain Garden Manual’ via email after attending the workshop. Spaces still available!

Please register at : https://twp.montgomery.nj.us/rain-garden-program-sign-up/

Walk-ins also welcome!

Co-sponsored by Montgomery Twp. Env. Commission/Green Team, Open Space Com., and Montgomery Friends of Open Space


Source: Montgomery Twp. Public Information