Rail Road Quiet Zone Established on Rt. 601 near Grandview

Rail Road Quiet Zone Established on Rt. 601 near Grandview

Posted on March 9, 2015

Township residents will soon notice a reduction in train-horn noise in the community.

In cooperation with the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) and Montgomery Township, Somerset County is pleased to announce that a railroad “quiet zone” has been enacted at the CSX railroad crossing of Belle-Mead Blawenburg Road (CR 601), located near Grandview Avenue.

“Improving and maintaining the quality of life of our residents is a priority for Somerset County. We were pleased to help enact this quiet zone for the benefit of the surrounding community,” said Freeholder Director Mark Caliguire. “Safety improvements that were made last year will ensure that this crossing remains safe for residents, commuters and freight trains, even without the horns. I want to thank the NJDOT and CSX Railroad for their assistance in upgrading this railroad crossing.”

“We have consistently advocated to make this project happen and we are thrilled to see the quiet zone finally go into effect,” said Montgomery Mayor Christine Madrid. “I would like to thank our county partners for overseeing this process and I look forward to working with them on other projects that will improve the quality of life in Montgomery.”

Under the federal train horn rule, locomotive engineers are required to sound train horns in advance of all public grade crossings. But in areas that have been approved as quiet zones, the horn will not be sounded under normal conditions. Train engineers will still have the ability to sound the horn if they feel there is a safety hazard or if the crossing gates fail to activate for some reason.

Safety improvements that were made at the Belle-Mead Blawenburg Road (CR 601) crossing included the installation of a median island and four quadrant gates, which prevent vehicles from entering the crossing after the gates have dropped.  These improvements met Federal Rail Administration quiet-zone requirements, enabling Somerset County to apply for a quiet zone designation.

Source: Somerset County Office of Public Information

Date: 3/10/15