PSE&G Tree Trimming

Posted on March 28, 2017

PSE&G notified Montgomery Township that tree trimming contractors working for them will be tree trimming starting in the coming weeks, and it could last up to 3 months.  They have already begun the process of notifying the residents – residents are asked to sign cards confirming that they were notified, or the crews leave a card at the house.  It will be routine tree trimming as well as removing hazard trees.

They plan to trim trees on the following roads:

Route 518 (from Provinceline Road to Research Road)

Pine Brae Drive

Cherry Hill Road

Opossum Road

Thiemarx Terrace

Charles Terrace

Orchard Road

Burnt Hill Road

Route 601/Great Road (between Skillman Road and Bedens Brook Road)

Mountain View Road

Meadowbrook Lane

Lakeview Drive

Cherry Valley Road (a small segment at the western end by Provinceline Road)

If you have questions, please contact PSE&G.

Source: PSE&G