Police Discourage ‘Senior Assassins’ Student Game Activities

Posted on April 28, 2016

Residents Advised to Report Any Related or Unrelated Suspicious Behaviors

It has come to the attention of the Montgomery Twp. Dept. of Police Services that senior members of the Montgomery High School Class of 2016 and perhaps others are engaging in a game known as “senior assassins.” Students assemble in teams and attempt to eliminate opposing team members from play by stalking opponents and squirting them with water guns. Although a seemingly harmless game of fun, behaviors by the participants are frequently perceived by the public as suspicious and many times result in calls to the police to investigate. These behaviors have been known to include reports of reckless operation of motor vehicles, trespassing on private property, congregations of people on-foot at unusual times and locations and have resulted in mistaking a toy water gun for a real firearm. These behaviors have legal implications as well as posing undue risk to the participants and the general public.

Senior Assassins is not an activity supported by the Montgomery Twp. School District and is strongly discouraged by the Police Dept.

The Senior Assassins game has commenced and residents are encouraged to be mindful, but more importantly to contact the police immediately for any activity believed suspicious, whether attributed to the game or not. The Montgomery Twp. Police Dept. can be contacted at (908) 359-3222 or dial 9-1-1 to report any emergency situation.

Source: Montgomery Twp. Police Dept.