New Green Infrastructure Approach to Stormwater Mgt.

Posted on June 23, 2020

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On June 2nd the Montgomery Township Environmental Commission hosted a stormwater management information session on Zoom, which is available for viewing. Sophie Glovier and Michael Pisauro of The Watershed Institute presented on new stormwater management regulations adopted by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection, which will replace the last rules set from 2004. Attending were members of the Township Committee, Planning Board, Zoning Board, Engineering Dept. and the general public.

The new rules supersede the 2004 criteria by now requiring the use of green infrastructure techniques (among other changes) to mitigate runoff

from regulated developments. Green infrastructure is intended to treat runoff through ground infiltration, filtration through vegetation or soil, or to store water for reuse. Some examples of green infrastructure techniques include use of drywells, cisterns, pervious pavement, small bioretention systems, small infiltration systems (i.e. rain gardens), sand filters, and vegetated rooftops. These strategies reduce erosion, downstream flooding, and water pollution.

Montgomery Township adopted the 2004 regulations with more stringent restrictions than the State required, due to our commitment to the environment. Montgomery Twp. has set a leading example in its environmental regulations, such as its critical areas ordinance. New Jersey municipalities are required to amend their Stormwater Control Ordinances by March, 2021. To continue our efforts to be a model municipality, Montgomery Township staff is already working on a draft ordinance.

To watch this presentation on demand, visit the “Specialty” tab of the Township meeting videos page, and select the June 2, 2020 Environmental Commission meeting or click on:

The presentation begins at 4:40 minutes.