Reminder: Express Bus Line to NYC from Hillsborough

Posted on November 29, 2017

The Suburban Transit’s Line-200, Hillsborough Service, Express Service to Grand Central Terminal and the United Nations operates weekdays only from the Hillsborough Promenade, 315 US-206 Hillsborough Township, which is at the Kohls, Loews and Weis shopping center.

Here is a link to the schedule and prices:

For a full listing of times and ticket information, visit the Suburban Transit website at or call (732) 249-1100 or CLICK HERE for the route.

The Hillsborough line was implemented based on the results of an online commuter survey conducted by Suburban Transit in the late summer 2016.  A similar brief survey is available for commuters interested in service from Montgomery.  New service could be implemented if enough interest is expressed. See:

Source:  Hillsborough Patch/Suburban Transit