New 4-Way Stop at Orchard-Opossum Intersection

New 4-Way Stop at Orchard-Opossum Intersection

Posted on October 11, 2019

Montgomery Township would like to make the public aware of a new traffic pattern.

On Tuesday, October 8th, Montgomery Township established a four-way stop at the Orchard Road and Opossum Road intersection. There are new stop-signs, indicating ALL-WAY stopping, as well as other permanent signage and road markings to alert drivers of the new stop requirement on Orchard Road.

The Montgomery Township Committee approved the four-way stop at its September 19th meeting.

The eastern side of the Orchard Road intersection is closed to non-local traffic for three months due to replacement by Somerset County of the small bridge near 88 Orchard Rd. During this bridge closure, the Orchard-Opossum intersection is experiencing less traffic than typical, which was seen as a good time to make this intersection change.

Drivers are reminded in an all-way intersection to come to a complete stop, wait for the other cars which have arrived before you, and then take your turn. Please drive patiently and with care.  Thank you.
Source: Montgomery Twp. Traffic Safety Bureau