Montgomery Night Off is Wed., March 2

Posted on February 25, 2016

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016 is a night dedicated to families and the importance of being together.  With the help of local school officials, township leaders, sporting groups, parents, community and religious leaders, all meetings, classes, practices, rehearsals (and homework!) are hereby CANCELED for one night.

By downloading a copy of the below flyer, families can receive a discount at the listed restaurants on March 2nd  after 5:00 pm.



This annual event recognizes that our family life is often too hectic and sometimes it’s good to relax and take a night off to be with our loved ones. The event is sponsored by the Montgomery/Rocky Hill Municipal Alliance and enabled by our public school district which asks teachers to give a break on homework for the night and not schedule any tests for the next day. The event is also supported by our local restaurant proprietors who provide special discounts at their establishments.

A note on why we do this each year:  The New Jersey Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (GCADA) supports alcohol and drug prevention efforts in communities throughout our State, in part, by funding Municipal Alliance programs.  The Montgomery/Rocky Hill Municipal Alliance is a board comprised of concerned citizens, professionals in the field of prevention, community and school leaders, the police and local health departments. The Alliance’s objectives are to monitor alcohol and drug use statistics in our community, raise awareness of related issues or increased abuse, and direct targeted (local) efforts so that the State’s resources are used most effectively toward prevention. One goal of sponsoring the Night Off is to raise the community’s awareness of the Alliance program.

The main purpose of organizing Montgomery Night Off is to allow families to relax and to spend time together, growing the bonds of trust (which may keep lines of communication open when most needed). Once a year is not enough but we hope this annual event encourages families to make a night together a regular part of their routine. Thank you!

Source: Montgomery / Rocky Hill Municipal Alliance and Youth Services Commission

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