Energy Aggregation Program to End in September

Posted on August 17, 2020

Montgomery Township is winding down a 15-month round of energy aggregation, which expires in September. While very pleased with the savings of Round III, the Township is not renewing the program at this time and all customers will be returned to PSE&G due to current market conditions.

The Township went to the market and bid for a new residential third-party electrical supplier, as has been done before the end of every round. The bids received were not competitive with the current PSE&G rate. When our current third-party contract with Constellation New Energy expires, residents in the program will see their bills reflect the return to PSE&G for their electrical supply. The transition will be seamless and there is nothing that residents need to do.

The Township will check market conditions in 2021 to see if the energy market is more competitive and will rebid if warranted.

For a more detailed explanation of the status, please read this program summary:

Montgomery Community Energy Aggregation Program Round III Update – August 2020

Questions may be directed to our energy consultant, Gabel Associations, at (855) 365-0770.

– 8-11-20