Middle of Montgomery Gets Recycling Totes 8/16

Posted on August 6, 2019


Somerset County Recycling Division is continuing to implement a new Curbside Recycling practice and equipment.  This new program is being gradually rolled-out County-wide within the next three+ years.  Every household will be receiving two new color-coded 65 gallon recycling “totes” on wheels, which look similar to most trash hauler receptacles. They have wheels to easily move around and have color-coded lids (for what goes in each) that are permanently attached.  This improvement to ergonomics will protect recycling pickup workers and is part of a new dual stream recycling process by Somerset County.

A fourth section of Montgomery will be receiving its totes on Friday, August 16, 2019 for first use at pick-up on Friday, August 30th. This third section includes all households in a triangle east of Rt. 206, from Rt. 518 up to Belle-Mead Griggstown Rd. and west of River Rd. This including neighborhoods off Sycamore Lane, Bridgepoint Rd. Millpond Rd., Harlingen Rd., Dead Tree Run Rd., Rutland Rd. and Devon Dr. (see map).

A first, second, and third section of Montgomery have received totes and begun their use to date.  These sections are located in the Southern part of town (see map and map. and  map)

No other sections of Montgomery are subject to the upgrade at this time. (As Somerset County gradually adds to the fleet of special new recycling trucks, it will add new sections of Montgomery to the totes program.)

When your totes are dropped off you will also receive a letter from Somerset County Recycling Division with detailed instructions and FLIER explaining what to put in each tote. At the time of receipt of new totes, County instructions indicate that residents may keep their old 20 gallon blue buckets for other purposes or contact the Somerset County Division of Solid Waste at 732-469-3363 and arrange for them to pick up old buckets.

For more information on how the program works, go to: https://twp.montgomery.nj.us/departments/public-works/recycling-tote-program/

If you have questions, please contact Somerset County Recycling Division at 732-469-3363.
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