MEMS Received NJ's "Squad of the Year" Award

MEMS Received NJ’s “Squad of the Year” Award

Posted on October 29, 2019

Montgomery EMS is proud to announce it is this year’s recipient the EMS Council of New Jersey’s “Squad of the Year” award.  It is through hard work, collaboration with fire and police, excellent response times and staffing, and dedication to continual excellence in patient care that allowed Montgomery EMS to stand out for this state-wide honor. Montgomery EMS is 100% volunteer and is funded purely by donations from the community to which they serve.  It is through this generosity and support that Montgomery EMS is able to provide its services free of charge to its patients.  Please help them continue to strive for excellence! Join or donate today!  The squad is always looking for members and donations so as to continue to provide this award winning level of care!  Learn more at or join “Friends of MEMS” today as the squad looks to improve its facilities to better serve the community!

Source: MEMS