Mayor & Deputy Mayor Kick-off MEMS Spring Fund Drive

Mayor & Deputy Mayor Kick-off MEMS Spring Fund Drive

Posted on May 6, 2016

Photo Caption: Mayor Patricia Graham and Deputy Mayor Ed Trzaska give their EMS Fund Drive donations to John Connacher, President of Montgomery Emergency Medical Services.


Pay it Backward
by Sandi Hill, Montgomery Emergency Medical Services

ECNALUBMA.  Doesn’t make a lot of sense until you see it in your rear view mirror.

AMBULANCE.  It may be quietly going down 206 or have lights and sirens active, straddling both lanes, hoping you will kindly yield to the emergent situation. Either way, that far-from-aerodynamic conveyance is on a mission forward or back from helping someone – maybe someone you know, maybe someone you love, maybe no one you know – until it is.

Approximately 1500 times a year Montgomery EMS (MEMS) is dispatched throughout our community and our volunteers drop whatever they’re doing, leaving carts of groceries, burning dinners, bailing on conference calls, jumping out of their Tempurpedic at 3 am, leaving their children to field their homework on their own, or in the case of our hard-working cadets – abandoning their own homework to help a neighbor in need.

It’s not for everyone. But there is a family of people in your community who dedicate our time, our energy, and our hearts to being on the other end of that 9-1-1 call with no other agenda than helping your family when you need emergency services. 100% volunteer, 100% donation funded.  Montgomery EMS – We are Neighbors Helping Neighbors.  Learn more at

Montgomery EMS is mailing our annual request for donations this month. Delightfully we often receive donations after an emergency transport to pay it forward but at this time of year it would be wonderful if the lovely families in our town could consider “Paying It Backward” so we can keep our volunteer squad running and ready for the community.

This year Mayor Graham and Deputy Mayor Ed Trzaska helped start our 2016 fund drive by being the first drive donors, wanting to ‘put their money where their words are’ and set an example for the community.

Ed Trazaska remarked, “It was an honor to help kick-off this year’s fundraising drive.  It’s remarkable that Montgomery EMS, an all-volunteer operation, can provide such professional public safety services without charging taxpayers or those they help.  They greatly rely on the generosity of our community, so please help them out in any way you can.  All donations, whether small or large, will ensure that these critical first responders are ready for the next call!”

Please consider submitting a tax deductible donation when you receive your mailer in early May.  And please check if your employer has a matching gifts program. We depend on you to help us help you. Thank you!




John Connacher

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Ph: 908 359-4112