May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month – Prevention Tips

Posted on May 2, 2016

Skin cancer is the most common of all cancers, and anyone can get skin cancer regardless of skin color or age.

“We encourage all residents, especially young people, to avoid artificial tanning, to conduct self-exams, know your spots (visit and get regular skin checkups by healthcare professionals,” said Somerset County Freeholder Deputy Director Peter Palmer, public health and safety liaison. “This form of cancer is highly treatable when caught early.”

The Morris-Somsert Regional Chronic Disease Coalition (RCDC) is encouraging skin awareness through a number of initiatives, programs and screenings throughout both counties.  An interactive May skin awareness calendar with sun safety tips, screening locations and partner resources is available at . Dates with an orange star open to tips on how to protect yourself and your family as well as screening information and available resources.  Here is the interactive calendar to view and as a printable PDF:


The Morris-Somerset Regional Chronic Disease Coalition is made possible by a grant from the New Jersey Office of Cancer Control and Prevention. For more information, to become a member or to learn more about available cancer resources, screening locations, dates, times and eligibility, contact RCDC Public Health Consultant Lucille Y-Talbot at (908) 203-6077 or visit

Source: RCDC