Hi Tech Communications coming to Millstone Valley Scenic Byway

Hi Tech Communications coming to Millstone Valley Scenic Byway

Posted on June 16, 2016

Franklin Township has contracted FVG Media on behalf of the Millstone Valley Preservation Coalition to develop and produce educational media on the Millstone Valley National Scenic Byway.

An educational  20-30 minute video will cover the history of agriculture in the Millstone Valley.  The video will combine historical photos with current still and video shots  of historic locations through-out the valley to trace its history from native indigenous inhabitants, Dutch colonists, Revolutionary patriots and increasingly efficient industrial growth of economy.  The video will be shown at the Griggstown Bridge Tenders House built in 1832 but recently renovated which now serves as the visitors center for the Byway.  The video will also be available on the Coalition’s web site, on social media, in libraries and for use in schools. Production has begun and you may occasionally see our crew in action.  Drone shots are contemplated to provide an interesting perspective at several sites. Project completion is anticipated by late summer.

This project also includes a tagging system to be created along the Millstone  Valley Scenic Byway.  This system will feature signs or symbols at key points along the Byway that will provide visitors with information about sites and provide an app link to video content that will offer information about historical and interesting nearby sites as well as areas visitors may wish to explore.  The goal is to provide visitors with an experience that immerses them into the history of the Byway corridor,  Signage for the system will appear along the Byway corridors at convenient locations as well as on the D & R Canal towpath,which expands the Byway experience by providing a pedestrian path parallel to the Byway.

FVG Media has been in existence since 1990 and has produced numerous award winning video projects.  The video and digital Media company takes a collaborative approach with clients to communicate their vision clearly and effectively.  Fran Masciantonio is the president of FVG Media and the lead on the project.

One can learn more about the Coalition and the Byway by visiting the Griggstown Bridgetender House visitor Center Saturday and Sunday 1-4 pm and www.MillstoneValley.org or on Facebook Millstone Valley.

Source: Millstone Valley Preservation Coalition