Health Officer Statement on Measles

Posted on February 23, 2015

A recent case of measles at Princeton University and an ongoing nationwide outbreak linked to a California amusement park, has focused attention on the need for prevention of this highly contagious disease.

Measles, which was virtually eliminated from the US since the 1990s, has made a strong comeback, with the majority of cases being in unvaccinated individuals.  Vaccination protects both the person who is vaccinated, and those in the community who cannot be vaccinated—young babies, or people with severe immune-compromising illnesses.

The number one way to prevent measles is to make sure that your family is vaccinated.  Adults who are unsure if they were vaccinated as children should talk to their doctors about getting vaccinated now.

If a case of measles is identified in a school, Health Department policy will be to exclude all unvaccinated children (and staff who cannot verify their immune status) for 21 days. (per NJAC 8:57)

Here is more useful information on Measles:

MEASLES INFOGRAPHIC FOR PARENTS, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Source: Montgomery Twp. Health Dept.

Date: 2/23/15