Volunteer .. Get a Jump on that New Year’s Resolution

Posted on December 18, 2015

Montgomery EMS

Volunteering… one of the top 10 New Year’s resolutions that people make but that only a few have dared to pursue. This resolution continues to change people’s lives. This is not for everyone. You need to have certain qualities. Are you a kind person? Are you always willing to help someone in need? Do you care for other people? Do you care about your friends, your community, your neighbors, and your family? If so, you should consider volunteering with Montgomery Emergency Services. Unlike a strict diet plan, an expensive gym membership, or even a patch, this resolution is easy to keep and still makes you feel better in the end.

Montgomery Emergency Services is a great place to volunteer. You can join to be an ambulance driver. The only requirement is learning CPR. The other option is to become an EMT. You would need to take a CPR class and you would also acquire the skills needed to become an EMT. All training is paid for by Montgomery EMS. Whichever route you decide to take, the hours are flexible. Normally, you would sign up for a day or night shift, but you can adjust your schedule based on your availability. During your shift, the only requirement is that you stay in town. You can be at home accomplishing those chores you have been too busy to get done. Need to paint that room? This could be a great opportunity. Read that book, go to the supermarket, and watch that video. If someone calls 911, you will be notified by a radio/pager. You just need to put on your uniform and get to the squad building or the scene of the emergency. Once there, you will use your new skills to help someone in need. You may just be there to hold someone’s hand, to give them some words of encouragement, or assist them with their breathing. It could be in someone’s home, a business, the supermarket, or maybe at the park. The most exciting part about volunteering with EMS, is that you can never predict what will happen. Every call is different, every person you meet has a different situation, and every location brings on some new challenge.

When joining the squad you will meet a lot of new friends. Any crew can include 2-4 members, any age, any nationality, and any religion. We have people who are computer engineers, real estate agents, retirees ,students, accountants, nurses, and stay at home moms, with one thing in common. They want to help. While EMS is a great way to help other people and make long lasting friends, you will be surprised how life fulfilling it can truly be. So stop thinking about what that resolution will be at the end of the year and contact Montgomery EMS now. Don’t wait. So, pick up that phone (908.359.4112), click on that link (http://www.mems47.org), send that email (membership@mems47.org), or go over to the Squad building (8 Harlingen Road) any weeknight at 7PM. Talk to us. See if it is right for you. Make the change; you will be glad you did. You may come by and realize you already knew us. We are your friends. We are your neighbors. We are just like you. We are people in the community trying to make Montgomery a better place for all of us. Come join us. We have been here since 1972, isn’t it about time you stopped by. “We are Neighbors helping Neighbors”.

Source: Montgomery EMS