Five Simple Recycling Tips for Earth Day

Five Simple Recycling Tips for Earth Day

Posted on May 3, 2019

Plus Big Recycling Opportunity May 5th at Earth Day Fair

Each year when we celebrate Earth Day, being environmentally-friendly comes to the forefront of everyone’s mind.  “What can I do to make a difference?”  The Montgomery Township Environmental Commission & Sustainable Montgomery has five easy suggestions on how to improve our recycling.

Did you know that some “batches” of recyclables get rejected by the processors if there’s too much non-recyclable material?  This can result in large quantities of material not being recycled, and also increases costs to haulers, processors and residents.  Here are a few easy tips to make sure our recyclables actually get recycled!

1.Throw Away Bottle Caps

When throwing out water bottles, drink bottles, and laundry detergent, remove the caps and throw them in the trash.  The caps are made of hard plastic, which is not able to be recycled through most recycling haulers.

2.Rinse your Recycling

Batches of recycling can be rejected because it contains too much trash, but also because the recyclable materials are too dirty.  Rinse your soft drink cans, take out containers, and that peanut butter jar (or use it as a treat for your dog!).

3.No Plastic Bags

Plastic bags and plastic wrapping (e.g. paper towel, toilet paper wrapping) can’t be recycled curbside.  Many grocery stores and other retailers now accept plastic for recycling in their stores.

4.No Food-contaminated Paper

Paper that wrapped your hoagie or burrito, or that greasy pizza box can’t be recycled because of grease or other food debris.  Just include it with your regular trash.  The same goes for paper with a waxy coating.

5.No Wire Hangers!

Even though made of metal, wire hangers can’t be recycled curbside.  They clog up sorting and recycling machines.  Metal hangers may instead be brought to Somerset County’s First Saturday  of Month Drop-offs for recycling as scrap metal (next on May 4th).  Go to: or check with your dry cleaner, local clothing stores or thrift shops on whether they could reuse the hangers.

Each County differs on what they’re able to recycle, so check the Somerset County website for more details and a full list of recyclable materials, upcoming dates for First Saturday Drop-off, Household Hazardous Waste Days, and Electronic Waste Recycling:

Lots of items you can’t recycle curbside CAN be recycled at Montgomery’s Earth Day Fair on May 5th. Join the Environmental Commission/Sustainable Montgomery and the Montgomery-Rocky Hill Rotary for a great day of family fun at the Earth Day Fair and Run with Rotary on Sunday May 5 at Skillman Park.  Activities throughout the day include:  dance performance, massage tables, Zumba class, 50/50 raffle, kid’s activities, drone demos, food trucks, and a Battle of the Bands!  Run with Rotary offers a 5k race and 1 mile ramble in the morning.  For more details and to register, visit:   Earth Day Fair exhibits will begin at 9:00 AM and continue to 3:00 PM.  In addition to educational exhibits, Fair-goers have the opportunity to drop-off items for donation, recycling and reuse including metal, electronics, expired medications, flower pots, men’s & women’s business attire, shoes, toys, books and more.  For a full list, visit our website (and check back regularly):

Source: Montgomery Twp. Environmental Commission