Legal Fireworks Use: Safety Reminders

Legal Fireworks Use: Safety Reminders

Posted on July 2, 2021

There are certain novelty and ground-based fireworks which were legalized in New Jersey a few years ago. The rules on these include:

Persons 16 years of age or older may lawfully buy, possess and use certain sparkling devices and novelties. These permissible fireworks are limited to hand held or ground based sparklers, snakes, and glow worms; smoke devices; and trick noisemakers, including party poppers, snappers, and drop pops. The sale, possession and use of all other fireworks requires a valid permit.

Please be mindful of safe practices when shooting off these legal fireworks on your property, including:

    • Use legal fireworks away from structures including homes, decks and sheds. 
    • Avoid setting off fireworks near trees, wooded areas and areas around the home with mulch.
    • Keep fireworks away from children.
    • Soak spent fireworks in water before throwing them in the garbage.

There is a good resource flier from NJ Consumer Affairs with more info on legal fireworks and further tips on their proper use.  Please see below or go to:

fireworks njca


Source: Montgomery Fire Safety Bureau and Office of Emergency Management