Energy Star Appliance Rebates Available

Energy Star Appliance Rebates Available

Posted on November 30, 2020

Did cramming all those Thanksgiving leftovers into your refrigerator finally push it to the breaking point?

You may be eligible for rebates if your new appliance is Energy Star certified! Rebates are available for refrigerators (up to $75), washing machines (up to $75), dryers (up to $300), and other small appliances like room dehumidifiers and air purifiers purchased within the last 18 months. You can apply for rebates online through the New Jersey Clean Energy program (or print a mail-in form), and find out if your appliance qualifies:

NJ Clean Energy will also give you $50 to recycle that extra fridge or freezer in your garage or basement. Pick up is free, but the appliance must be placed outside your residence or in an open garage for safe, contactless pickup. Visit their website to schedule a pickup: About 85% of the materials are recycled, and the remainder is disposed of safely.

If you’re planning to replace an appliance, the Environmental Commission/Sustainable Montgomery encourages you to choose one with an Energy Star certification. The Energy Star label recognizes that the appliance meets or exceeds the energy efficiency guidelines set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). This also means you’ll save money on your utility bill – an Energy Star washing machine and dryer use about 20%-25% less energy than traditional models.

Source: Montgomery Township Environmental Commission / Sustainable Montgomery