EMS Cadets Recognized Upon Their Graduation

Posted on June 16, 2017

The Montgomery Township Committee on June 15 recognized those Montgomery EMS cadets who have graduated to full member status and thanked them for their contributions to the community while cadets.

The 2017 graduating EMS Cadets are (not pictured in this order): Aayushi Doshi; Cat Mykolajtchuk; Jeanine Lisanti; Matthew Wierzbicki; Megan Sekar; Nikita Tripathi; Lived Parikh; Pooka Jain; Rhea Korde; Rita Panjwani; Rosalie PR Qi; Sara Stegman; Sruti Cherub; and Yesh Milind Datar.

Cadet members can join Montgomery EMS as early as age 16 they have to complete the same 210 hour EMT class and pass the State EMT test as all other EMT’s. All our cadets volunteer with Montgomery EMS at least 20 hours a month and have assisted in squad fundraising by running activities such as the spaghetti dinner, assisted with activities such as the blood drive, fireworks and community standby’s. In the past twelve months these EMS Cadets volunteered over 4000 hours to the community.

Source: Montgomery EMS