Montgomery Ebulletin Subscribers – Please Read

Posted on March 7, 2017

In the order to keep our contacts up to date within our Ebulletins system, a number of email addresses of subscribers who signed up prior to 2013 have been selected for a confirmation opt-in check. It is important that you take a  simple action if you are among them.  We cannot contact you via additional emails to inform you of this process, described below.

Today, 3/07/17 an email went out, subject line: “Need Your Permission to Continue Ebulletin Receipt – IMPORTANT“.

If you know you are an Ebulletin subscriber but did not receive this email today, you do not need to do anything to continue to receive Montgomery Twp. Ebulletins.  But please check for this email dated today in your inbox.

This email was sent from Constant Contact on behalf of, the email address of Tamara Garaffa, Montgomery Twp. Community Information Officer.

This email is not spam or spoofing.  Responding to it by clicking the link in its body allows our continued ability to contact you via our Ebulletin email system on Constant Contact .

The email asks recipients to click a blue link in the email titled, “Confirm Subscription”. If you receive this email today, 3/07, it is important that you click the link.  You are automatically unsubscribed from Montgomery Twp. Ebulletins until you click this opt-in link.  This email and its link will be your only method to confirm that you wish to remain a subscriber to Montgomery Twp. Ebulletins.  The link will remain active for approximately 6 months but must be accessed from this specific email in your inbox received today.

If you received this email today and miss it/do nothing, the process to resubscribe with the same email address is rather involved, so we recommend checking for the email and clicking the “Confirm Subscription” link in it today.

However, if later on you notice you are not receiving our ebulletins when you had been, please contact Tamara Garaffa at (908) 359-8211 ext. 207 or and we will check the status of your address in our system.  If necessary, we will put you in touch with Constant Contact directly to be taken out of the ‘unsubscribed’ pool.  We apologize in advance for any inconvenience, but we must follow all CAN-SPAM rules and good practices.

Thank you!


*Every email we send includes an opt-out unsubscribe button in the bottom footer.  We value our residents and respect their right to opt-out at any time for any reason from our services.  However, we hope you find value in our communications and will continue to receive Montgomery Twp. Ebulletins.