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Posted on November 24, 2017

Local behavioral health hospital looks to fill ‘Carrier’s Closet’

“People come to Carrier Clinic in crisis,” said Donna Zaleski, Carrier Clinic Director of Development, Public Relations and Marketing. “Some of our patients arrive wearing only a hospital gown. When we can, we provide them with items that are often taken for granted but that are linked to so many other things. Something as simple as socks. If a patient does not have something to cover their feet, they cannot leave their room. If we can provide them with socks, they can go for a walk, gain some independence, and increase their confidence. It’s giving them so much more than just a pair of socks.”

Carrier Clinic, the Belle Mead, NJ-based behavioral healthcare system, is an independent nonprofit that provides services to over 6,300 people in crisis each year.

“Everyone who walks through our doors needs us, and we must find ways to try to support all the ways that our clients need us,” said Zaleski.

Crises vary, circumstances vary, need varies. Recognizing this, Carrier Clinic’s Development Department created Carrier’s Closet. Carrier’s Closet collects funds to purchase new socks, underwear, shirts, and sweatpants for adolescents and adults. Then, adolescent residents of Carrier Clinic’s East Mountain Youth Lodge create bags with inspirational and encouraging sayings and drawings on them, and fill each with a full set of clothes. The bags are then brought to the hospital for patients.

“Having East Mountain Youth Lodge residents work with us on this project gives them an opportunity to have a significant role in a vital project and to pay it forward, encouraging others who are struggling,” said Zaleski.

Because of the growing need, Carrier Clinic is launching a fundraising initiative with CaringCrowd®, proudly sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, a crowdfunding platform 100% dedicated to public health. Carrier Clinic has until January 15, 2018 to reach its goal of $10,000 in order to receive the donations. Carrier Clinic passed CaringCrowd®’s advisory panel and other reviews to qualify for CaringCrowd® and the matching funds from Johnson & Johnson. That means Johnson & Johnson will match all donations (up to $250 per person per project) until they reach their $250,000 cap.

“Johnson & Johnson is offering an incredible opportunity to provide matching funds, but we need to act fast,” said Zaleski. “This is a great time to give because your gift will have DOUBLE the impact thanks to J&J!”

Those interested in contributing to Carrier’s Closet can visit For more information about Carrier Clinic, visit


About Carrier Clinic

Carrier Clinic, an independent, nonprofit behavioral healthcare system located in Belle Mead, NJ, specializes in psychiatric and addiction treatment. Carrier Clinic’s system includes an inpatient psychiatric hospital, a detoxification and rehabilitation center, an adolescent residential facility, and a fully-accredited middle and high school for students classified as emotionally disturbed. For more information about Carrier Clinic, visit

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