The mission of the Planning Department is to plan, guide and coordinate the future growth and development of Montgomery Township in a manner that strengthens the local economy, improves and protects the quality of the environment and enhances the quality of life and the well-being of current and future generations.

The Planning Department is committed to providing excellent customer service and consistent policy advice to assist in understanding and addressing key community issues and priorities. We work toward implementing the Master Plan to attain the community’s future vision, encouraging citizen participation in the planning process, assuring a firm and expedient approval and permitting process, and promoting the principles of smart growth. To learn more about new retail, commercial, mixed use and redevelopment projects, as well as the new loop roads being constructed to alleviate traffic, click on this sentence.

This office supports The Planning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustment, Site Plan/Subdivision Committee, Development Review Committee, Landmarks Preservation Commission, and Master Plan Committee . To view Montgomery Twp.’s Master Plan, go to ‘Planning Reports and Studies’ in the drop down menu for Planning or see link to right.

2021 Meetings Schedule for Planning Board and for Site Plan/Subdivision
2021 Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting Schedule
2021 Meetings Schedule for Landmarks Preservation Commission

Note: All annual meeting schedules, above, are subject to change.  Please confirm on our Monthly Meetings Calendar and/or contact the Planning Dept. to confirm.

This office accepts all applications for:

  • Site Plans (Minor, Preliminary Major and Final Major)
  • Subdivisions (Minor, Preliminary Major and Final Major)
  • Variances (Use and Bulk), Interpretations and Appeals
  • Informal Plans (both with and without Professional Review) may be presented to the Planning Board only.

There is only one general document used for these above applications, which is now available with instructions as a PDF (link below):


This office also accepts all correspondence on behalf of any of the above Boards and Committees.

On file at the office are the applications, plans, correspondence, minutes of the meetings and any other information that may pertain to the Boards or Committees. Much of this information is available to the general public.



A zoning permit is a requirement for most activities requiring a building permit and some other additional activities (see 2nd paragraph below). Click on the following link to download the zoning permit application form :


PDF Version of Zoning Permit Application (available thru 5-01-21 only)

The Zoning Division is charged with the enforcement of the Montgomery Township Land Development Ordinance (LDO) and resolutions of the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment. This enforcement is done in cooperation with all other Township Departments.

Zoning reviews building permits prior to their review by the Construction Department. We also review and issue permits for projects, which do not necessarily require building permits, such as on grade patios, walkways, driveway expansion, temporary signs, sidewalk sales and home occupations. All applications to the Planning and Zoning Boards are reviewed prior to hearings.Zoning is also the source of information for any questions citizens and interested parties may have about the Land Development Ordinance or resolutions. The Zoning Officer is authorized to interpret the LDO, although the Zoning Board of Adjustment can overrule the Zoning Officer’s interpretation if an application is made to the Board and a compelling argument is presented.


Interactive Mapping
Maps are available showing a wide range of geographies (i.e. Census Data). These maps are dynamic and allow users to view areas, search for data, and print the mapping one creates. Visit the site and test your cartographic talent.
Please click on the link below to review a wide variety of population data and geographic information about Montgomery Township, New Jersey. GIS Interactive Maps


Q. What zone is my property in?
A. You can find what zone your property is in by going to: Maps/Zoning Map 2018.pdf

Q. What is the minimum lot size and setbacks for my property?
A. There are special requirements for setbacks in cluster and apartment/townhouse zoning. You will have to contact the zoning officer at (908) 359-8211 to gain that information. Other zones can view your minimum lot size and setbacks here. If your lot is between 1 and not exceeding 2 acres you will fall under R-1 setbacks. In other zoning districts, depending on the lot size, your dwelling may be grandfathered under the code. You should contact the zoning officer for setback information. Pools and pool equipment fall under accessory building setbacks, but do not have to be 20 feet away from the house. There are some special considerations for existing structures that do not meet the current setbacks. For information about this contact the Zoning Officer.

Q. Are you allowed to run a home business out of your home?
A. Yes, but there are specific requirements for each stage of Home Occupation. The first stage is a one page-no fee Home Occupation Application. Depending on the home occupation request, it may require minor site plan approval from the Planning Board. For information about this contact the Zoning Officer.

Q. Do I need a permit to place a patio, fence or shed on my property?
A. Yes, you can download a Zoning Application here. Sheds over 100 square feet require a building permit in addition to a zoning permit. A Zoning Permit is also required to expand your driveway.Information on Conservation Easements Montgomery Township is committed to preserving and protecting environmentally sensitive lands, including wetlands, stream corridors, and woodlands, and has widely utilized the Conservation Easement as the means to protect these areas. Conservation Easements can be as small as a 20-foot buffer on the back of a residential lot or as large as a 200-acre farm. Each Conservation Easement, taken together, forms a large, contiguous system of protected land throughout the Township that is extremely important in providing clean air and clean water, reducing the frequency and intensity of local stream flooding, and maintaining plant and animal diversity.

A Conservation Easement is a permanent, legally binding document that is recorded as a Deed of Conservation Easement in the office of the clerk in Somerset County. The agreement is binding on both present and future owners of the property; so you may have a conservation easement on your property and not realize it. The property owner is responsible to maintain the terms of the easement, and the easement holder, typically the Township, is responsible for ensuring the easement is not violated.

If you think a Conservation Easement may have been violated, please contact the Zoning Officer at 908-359-8211.

For more information on the benefits of conservation easements and the typical Do’s and Don’ts click here – Conservation Easements

To learn about “Caring for Backyard Conservation Buffers”, click here – SBMWA Guide

Rain Gardens A rain garden can be a simple and attractive addition to your landscaping that can help to cleanse stormwater run-off before it re-enters the groundwater. To learn more, click here –NJ Native Plant Society’s Rain Garden Manual. The Watershed of Pennington, NJ conducts periodic events on building rain gardens and rain barrels.