Dog and Cat Licensing

Dear Pet Owners:

Our new online Dog Licensing form is now available from the link below. The cat licensing form should be active soon. In addition to using online forms and paying online, you may mail in your dog or cat licensing forms and fees, drop them in the drop-box in front of the municipal building (2261 Rt. 206, Belle Mead), or come to front receptionist desk to inquire about licensing your pet (M-F, 8 AM -4:30 PM). Please bring exact change or check.

  • Dog and cat licensing begins in early January.
  • Dog owners must either use the Dog Licensing Form mailed to you or scroll down this page to interactive dog licensing form and click link.
  • Cat owners must use the Cat Licensing Application form mailed to you or scroll down this page to cat licensing application  and click link. (Why does Montgomery Twp. license cats?)
  • All info on the forms must be completed, including the owner’s full name and address.
  • Your pet must be up-to-date on its rabies vaccinations prior to licensing. You must provide proof of rabies vaccination.  A new vaccination is needed if your pet’s last vaccination has expired by or before October 31st (check your license renewal form if you have one). You should also provide proof of the spaying/neutering if the spaying status on the renewal form is incorrect or if it has been done since the last licensing year. This status changes the cost of the license.
  • Click Here to Find Next Free Pet Rabies Vaccination Clinic 

Thank you for your attention to the above, which will expedite the pet license processing.  New licenses and renewals are due by January 31st or late fees will begin. Contact Montgomery Animal Control at 908-359-8211 ext. 2247 with any questions on pet licenses and pet license renewals.


-All dogs and cats residing in Montgomery Township who are over seven (7) months or have a permanent set of teeth, must be licensed by the Township by January 31. A late fee of $ 1.00 per month will be imposed after January 31. Please make sure that your pet’s rabies vaccine is up-to-date (ie. valid through October 31). Please have your pet receive a rabies vaccine even if it overlaps with the old vaccine. This assures your pet’s protection should he/she become bitten by another animal or bite someone.

-If your elderly or ill pet cannot have a rabies vaccine, a letter from your veterinarian must be provided explaining why a rabies vaccine would be detrimental to your pet.

-If you have just moved into town from elsewhere in New Jersey, your dog or cat license from your previous town is good for the calendar year but you must register your pet in Montgomery Township and obtain a new tag for fifty cents.



Click here to go to dog licensing interactive form


dog symbolThis symbol is found on Dog License Renewal Envelopes:

Look for this symbol on an envelope mailed from The Township of Montgomery in the last week of December. Please SAVE THIS LETTER in a safe place. You will need both copies of the enclosed form and instructions to renew your dog’s license before the end of January.

For further information on the Township’s free annual rabies clinics, click here.



Click here to go to PDF of cat licensing form (not interactive – print, fill out & mail/drop-off)


If you believe your animal should be exempted from the requirement of rabies vaccination due to a medical condition, please have your veterinarian fill out this form, which must be renewed annually: