The Finance Department oversees cash receipts, cash disbursements, investments, budget, purchasing and payroll.

Cash Receipts

Monies collected by the various departments through out the township are brought to the Finance department on a daily basis, then recorded and deposited into the Township’s various bank accounts. These monies are then invested for future use, by calling surrounding banks looking for the highest available rate on a given day.

Cash Disbursements

Vouchers are processed and presented to the Township Committee at their regular sessions which occur the first and third Thursdays of each month. Payment vouchers must be presented to the Finance Department at least one week before the meeting to be processed for payment. After approval from the committee the checks are mailed to the various vendors. From the records of these payments 1099 tax forms are prepared each year.


The Finance Department reviews the individual department budget requests with the department head and makes any necessary adjustments. These requests are then reviewed with the Township Administrator and Committee for final approval before it is sent to the State.


Time sheets are prepared and turned in from all departments and reviewed for any overtime or special hours. New employees are set up after receiving paperwork from personnel. After each payroll is processed, payments are made for Federal and State taxes. Once a month payments Public Employees and Police & Fire Retirement Systems are made. Quarterly and yearly reports as well as W2 tax forms are prepared here.

Computer/Network Technology

The Finance Department is responsible for all aspects of computerization of the Township. Included with the responsibilities is forecasting future needs of the Township, updating and enhancing the Township’s Web site and evaluating requests from the various departments for network needs.