No Feeding Wildlife

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Activities and conduct listed below shall be prohibited within any park
belonging to, leased by or operated by the Township:

a.     No person shall post, print, affix, distribute, glue, tack or otherwise post a sign, placard,
advertisement or inscription, except that signage required for
implementation of the deer management program authorized by section 9-9 of
this chapter, or directional signage authorized by the Township may be

b.     No person shall operate any musical instrument, sound track, or drum for advertising
purposes or for the purpose of attracting attention to any exhibition, show,
performance or other display.

c.     Unless otherwise provided, no person shall cause or permit any animal owned by him, in his
custody, or under his control, to go or be at large.

1.     Dogs shall be restrained by a leash not exceeding six (6) feet in length; except that dogs
may be unleashed in special areas provided for such purposes, commonly known
as dog parks, provided that the dog is accompanied by and under the control
of an adult owner, custodian or trainer. A dog park is a fenced/double-gated
area specifically designated and established by the Township for the
socializing and exercising of dogs.

2.     No person shall ride or drive a horse unless it is well broken and constantly held in such
control that it may be easily or quickly turned and stopped.

3.     No person shall permit a horse to be unbridled or left unattended in any unenclosed area
without being securely fastened.

4.     No horse shall be driven or ridden except at such locations designated for this purpose as
provided in section 9-3 of this chapter.

d.     No person shall hunt, molest, harm, frighten, kill, trap, pursue, chase, shoot or throw missiles
at any animal, wildlife, reptile or bird; or knowingly purchase, buy,
receive or have in his possession, sell, convey or give away any such
animal, reptile, bird or eggs of any such reptile or bird, except as
provided in section 9-9 of this chapter.

e.     No person shall throw stones or other missiles so as to annoy other persons.

f.      No person shall climb or stand upon a wall, fence, shelter, seat, statue, or other

g.     No person shall enter or leave the park facilities except at established entrances and exits.

h.     No person shall remove or open permanent or temporary barriers, signs,
, gates, or fences.

No person shall have in his possession or bring into any park, or set or
otherwise cause to explode or discharge or burn any firecrackers, torpedo
rockets or other fireworks, firecrackers or explosives or inflammable
material or discharge them or throw them into such area from lands or
highways adjacent thereto. This prohibition includes any substance,
compound, mixture or article that in conjunction with any other substance or
compounds may decompose suddenly and generate sufficient heat, gas or
pressure or any or all of them to produce rapid flaming, combustion, or
administer a destructive blow to surrounding objects.

j.      No person shall carry or possess firearms of any description in which loaded or blank
cartridges may be used, or air guns, spring guns, slings or any other form
of weapon potentially dangerous to wildlife and human safety, except as
provided in section 9-9 of this chapter. Shooting such devices into the park
area from beyond the park boundaries is forbidden, except that this section
shall not apply to any police officer, constable or other duly constituted
officer under the laws of the State of New Jersey, or of the United States
of America, authorized to carry firearms in the performance of his official

k.     No person shall kindle, build, maintain or use a fire, except in places provided for such
purposes. All fires shall be continuously under the care and direction of a
competent person. No person shall drop, throw or otherwise scatter lighted
matches, burning cigarettes or cigars, tobacco paper or other flammable
material within any park. All fires shall be completely extinguished before
persons responsible therefor leave the park

l.      No person shall operate any vehicle except on roadways or parking areas provided for such
purpose. No person shall operate a mini-bike, moped, or snowmobile within
the boundaries of any park.

m.    No person shall park or cause to be parked any vehicle except in areas established for parking or
designated by signs for such purposes. No vehicle shall be parked, whether
or not the operator is in attendance, after the closing hours of any park.

n.     No person shall throw any substance, matter or thing which may or shall result in the pollution of
any lake, river, lagoon, stream, storm sewer, or drain of any park or the
like which leads into or passes through the park.

o.     No person shall take into, carry through, leave in, throw, cast, lay, drop or discharge onto or
on any park, any rubbish, refuse, garbage, or other material, irrespective
of whether the same is organic or inorganic.

p.     No person shall deposit on any ice, or in any pond, any matter which would tend to damage
the ice for skating.

q.     No person shall injure any trees, shrubs, grass, or destroy, cut, break, deface, mutilate,
disturb, sever or remove from the ground any plant, flower, growing thing,
stem, branch or leaf thereof. In addition, no person shall pile debris of
any kind against such vegetation, attach any rope or cable or other
conveyance thereto, or set fire or assist in setting a fire to any of the

r.     No person shallwillfully mark, deface, disfigure, injure, tamper with or displace or remove
any buildings, bridges, tables, benches, fireplaces, railings,
pavings, or paving materials, water lines or
other public utilities or parts of or appurtenances thereof.

s.     No person shall dig or remove any soil, rock, sand, clay or earth or make any excavation of any
kind by any means or agency.

t.     No person shall gamble or participate in any game of chance.

u.     No person shall feed any wildlife. As used herein:

1.     Feed shall mean to give, place, expose, deposit, distribute or scatter any edible
material with the intention of feeding, attracting or enticing wildlife, but
shall not include baiting in the legal taking of fish and/or game; and

2.     Wildlife shall mean Canadian geese and white-tailed deer.