The Department of Engineering is responsible for overseeing all township capital improvement projects, analyzing proposed designs, preparing Township mapping information, ensuring property owner/developer compliance with planning/zoning board requirements and applicable ordinances, and reviewing building permits.

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The Engineering Department updates and maintains the Tax Map and many other Township maps. A great deal of work goes into keeping maps current with so many new roads and lots created in the last 10 years. We have maps available for inspection and for sale that show approved developments, zoning, voting districts, water mains and hydrants, sanitary sewers, and road names. We can create custom maps (there is a fee) which can include aerial photographic features and land contours.

Maps are available showing a wide range of geographies (i.e. Census Data). These geographic information system or GIS maps are dynamic and allow users to view areas, search for data, and print the mapping one creates. Visit our GIS pages and test your cartographic talent. Please click on the above link to review a wide variety of population data and geographic information about Montgomery Township, New Jersey.

Capital Improvement Project

Engineering prepares contract documents for overlays and reconstruction of selected roads each year. New roads and new lots have been turning up monthly for several years now. The total length of municipal roads has more than doubled over the last decade. We also contract for drainage improvement, recreation, pathway and other capital projects. All of our projects include the required environmental permits.

Design Analysis

Engineering compares, quantifies and recommends design alternatives, feasibility, cost, timing and impacts for the Township Committee and other municipal departments and many of our volunteer boards and commissions.


Engineering assures that the approvals and conditions of the Planning/Zoning Boards are followed, that the proper materials and construction methods are used, that traffic safety measures are in place, that testing and record drawings are provided, and that our general ordinances are honored. Bonds assuring developments can only be released or reduced if Engineering requirements are satisfied. New development roads remain private until Engineering recommends their acceptance by the Township.

If you witness any pollutant discharges issuing from any stormwater outfalls or entering streams from any other point source in the Township, contact the Montgomery Township Stormwater Hotline at 908-281-6525.

Building Permit Review

The Engineering Department reviews site work outside of your house or building, including work that coincides with Building and Zoning Permit applications. We issue Street / Right-of-Way Opening, Driveway Construction, Soil Hauling, and Soil Disturbance Permits (see section below, hereinafter referred to as “Engineering Permits”). The Engineering Department staff reviews grading, land disturbance (clearing, tree removal, soil disturbance), soil importing and exp, sidewalks, curbs, driveways, stormwater / drainage, development in environmentally sensitive areas, traffic control, sewer connections, and other forms of land use.

There is a separate webpage with all the details on the above permits found under “Engineering Permitting“.

Still wondering if you need a permit? Call us. We prefer answering questions beforehand rather than explaining after-the-fact how a matter could have been simplified.

Here are a few tips that some residents may not be aware of:

  • Sheds, fences and driveways may not be placed in easements
  • Wetland, floodplain and conservation areas on lots may not be cleared or regraded
  • Sprinklers and invisible fences may not be placed in easements or the municipal right-of-way
  • Circular driveways always require permits and must meet specific conditions
  • You must call “N.J. One Call” 1-800-272-1000 before digging more than six inches deep (anywhere).

Information on Conservation Easements

Montgomery Township is committed to preserving and protecting environmentally sensitive lands, including wetlands, stream corridors, and woodlands, and has widely utilized the Conservation Easement as the means to protect these areas. Conservation Easements can be as small as a 20-foot buffer on the back of a residential lot or as large as a 200-acre farm. Each Conservation Easement, taken together, forms a large, contiguous system of protected land throughout the Township that is extremely important in providing clean air and clean water, reducing the frequency and intensity of local stream flooding, and maintaining plant and animal diversity.

A Conservation Easement is a permanent, legally binding document that is recorded as a Deed of Conservation Easement in the office of the clerk in Somerset County. The agreement is binding on both present and future owners of the property; so you may have a conservation easement on your property and not realize it. The property owner is responsible to maintain the terms of the easement, and the easement holder, typically the Township, is responsible for ensuring the easement is not violated.

If you think a Conservation Easement may have been violated, please contact the Zoning Officer at 908-359-8211.

For more information on the benefits of conservation easements and the typical Do’s and Don’ts click here – Conservation Easements.