Local Census Response Rates

Posted on May 15, 2020


The U.S. Constitution requires a complete count of all people living in the United States every ten years. 2020 is one of those years. The census is used for apportioning representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives and N.J. Legislature, and determines how federal and state funding is apportioned.  Getting more funding during a pandemic or natural disaster is dependent on a full count of residents of Montgomery.

As of May 12, the overall response rate in Montgomery is 72.9% of households.  While Montgomery has a higher response rate than N.J. and Somerset County overall, as of May 11 Montgomery trails Hopewell, Bernards, Bridgewater, Branchburg, Warren, and Green Brook Townships. (Census Response Rate Dashboard, Somerset County)  We have not even reached our response rate from 2010, when no one had the convenience to do the Census online!

Within Montgomery, there are four census tracts. The two northeastern (generally Belle Mead) sections have a higher response rate than the Skillman/Blawenburg and Princeton postal code sections (Montgomery Census Tract Response Rate Map, 5-06-20). There is still  a 10% difference in response rate from highest to lowest sector of Montgomery. Which Montgomery tract is going to win the highest response rate competition? Click on the tract where you live to see continously updated results!



Its not too late to help increase the response rate! First, make sure you’ve already submitted your own census response. Then ask five of your neighbors if they have submitted their census response. If not, ask them to go to 2020census.gov and fill out one for their household.

The responses are confidential and will not be disclosed by law for 72 years. The last publicly available census is from 1940. There are no questions on the census about citizenship or legal status. It is also available in many languages other than English.

Deputy Mayor Marvin Schuldiner said, “Completing the census only takes a few minutes but will impact Montgomery for ten years. Except for following the guidelines for staying safe during the coronavirus pandemic, completing the census might be the most important thing you can do this week. It is a great activity to do with your children.”

“The people of Montgomery always strive for excellence.  Let’s do that with the 2020 census,” he added.

Go to NJ.gov for step by step suggestions on how you can be a great influence on friends and family to fill out this year’s census, especially tomorrow – the Census Day of Action.

Go to 2020census.gov  for more information about the census.