Reminder: Cats are Licensed to Fight Rabies too!

Reminder: Cats are Licensed to Fight Rabies too!

Posted on March 16, 2017

Last year, the Montgomery Twp. Board of Health adopted an amendment to Ordinance BH 11A, Feline Rabies Control, to improve vaccination rates among Montgomery’s cats.  Rabies vaccination has been required for cats in Montgomery since 1990. A cat licensing requirement is helping the Township meet its Public Safety mission by reducing the risk of transmitting rabies to cats and the people who live with them.

Important Facts:

  • Cats are at greatest risk of getting rabies of any domestic animal, and of exposing the people who care for them.
  • Cat licensing is recognized as a Best Practice by Sustainable New Jersey.

Why is it important to license your pet?Cat&DogLicense

1. To safeguard public health
Every licensed pet has been vaccinated against rabies. This protects your pets, children and neighbors against this deadly disease! When the license tag is visible, you know that animal has been vaccinated!

2. To help your pet get home
If your pet gets lost, your pet can be returned more quickly and sometimes without a trip to the shelter! If it is impounded and taken to the shelter, it is safer there than it would be roaming the streets in harm’s way. A license tag can be easily traced to the animal’s owner with a phone call.  A license tag is your pet’s ticket home.

3. To help us to enforce laws on responsible pet ownership
If we can track pet ownership, then we know where to focus our services and education efforts.

4. To support the  shelter and adoption of unwanted pets
Your yearly license fee helps support sheltering for strays and unwanted pets. It also pays for our leash-free dog park, animal control services and  community education.

5. It’s the law! Dogs and Cats must be licensed and vaccinated against rabies.


Click HERE to go to our Dog and Cat Licensing webpage to learn more about the process and download the licensing forms.

Click HERE to go to our Rabies Immunization webpage.  


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Source: Dept. of Health