Case Count 5-27, EMS: On Duty during COVID-19 & Blood Drive June 6, Please Give

Posted on May 27, 2020


As of 9 am today, 5/27:

NJ cases: 156,628
NJ deaths: 11,339
Somerset County cases: 4,505
Somerset County deaths: 408
Montgomery cases:  102
Montgomery deaths: 7
Montgomery presumed recovered: 75 a
Rocky Hill cases: 6
Rocky Hill deaths: 0
Rocky Hill presumed recovered: 6 a

Age Ranges of Cases in Montgomery & Rocky Hill:

6        <20
10        20-29
14        30-39
15        40-49
23        50-59
17        60-69
4        70-79
19        80+

Total 108 cases for Montgomery and Rocky Hill

a “Presumed recovered” means 30 days have elapsed since individual’s diagnosis and the person is not hospitalized.

The above numbers represent a snapshot in time, and will change daily or even hourly as new data come in. We are including both laboratory-confirmed cases, and probable cases, meaning cases believed to have COVID-19 based on symptoms and exposure to confirmed cases (identified via contact tracing), but who cannot yet qualify for testing at this time. If you are experiencing cough and fever, you should isolate yourself from well family members, and stay home until 3 days after your symptoms resolve without medications. If your symptoms worsen, contact your health care provider for a telemedicine consultation. We continue to stress the importance of washing hands, maintaining social distancing, and staying home.

For further statistics, go to the Health Dept.’s COVID-19 portal:,  State of NJ DOH’s COVID-19 Case Chart , and

*****DISCLAIMER***** Reported numbers on this page may not match the figures provided on the Somerset County page.  This is due to differences in reporting times.

Testing Site info found at:

Montgomery EMS: ‘On Duty’ during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Montgomery EMS has been maintaining normal operations while taking extra precautions to keep its members and the residents of Montgomery Township safe.  Obtaining supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) has been a challenge for first responders and health care professionals across the country. Regarding PPE, we have been fortunate through donations from the community and assistance from Montgomery Township and Somerset County to adequately protect ourselves and have remained healthy as a squad.  Our biggest PPE constraint is isolation gowns, specifically Tyvek and other brands of coveralls, and we continue to look for additional N95 masks and other supplies.

Regarding operations, the squad has undergone significant operational changes amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.  We have prioritized the use of our newest ambulance, BLS-2.  It is the only ambulance in our fleet with a negative pressure generating UV filtering air system in the back which provides a safer environment for our crews and patients.  To minimize exposure risks, we’ve reduced our crew sizes as well.  We’ve also equipped our rigs with misters filled with alcohol for decontamination before and after all calls.  Per DOH and CDC guidelines, we are also treating every call as a potential COVID-19 call as we have had patients turn out to be asymptomatic but test positive.  For this reason, residents will see MEMS wearing N95 masks, goggles, and isolation gowns on all calls.  It also means we have been limiting the number of EMTs that make patient contact to reduce exposure.

The squad’s first call where the patient reported COVID-19-like symptoms and COVID-19 precautions were needed was on March 11.  From March 11 through May 25, the squad has been dispatched and responded to 242 emergency calls thus averaging between 3 and 4 calls a day which is comparable to the same time frame last year. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, car accident-related incidents are significantly less this year and can probably be attributed to reduced vehicle operations.  However, with less people traveling, we have seen an uptick in bicycle-related emergencies as people take to the road in different means.  We also saw a higher than usual complaint volume of difficulty breathing emergencies, likely attributed to being a primary symptom of COVID-19.

We are fortunate that we have been able to stay afloat during these difficult times due to the commitment and dedication of our members, as we have remained 100% volunteer 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.  We’ve had our share of COVID-19 calls, but as an organization we are holding strong!

One way the public can help is to participate in our upcoming blood drive on June 6 at the Princeton Elks Lodge on Rt. 518.  Blood shortages are occurring in our area as a result of covid-19. We want to assure everyone that every precaution is being taken and strict social distancing measures will be taken.  Donations are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY with no walk-ins.  See below.

MEMS BLOOD DRIVE JUNE 6 with Social Distancing

Saturday, June 6th from 9 am to 2 pm at Princeton Elks Lodge, 354 Rt. 518, Skillman, NJ 08558. By appointment only (see below.)

Social distancing guidelines and hygienic practices will be followed. All the paperwork will be done online. The donor’s temperature will be checked and will need to be lower than 99.5.

Hosted by Montgomery EMS – Squad 47 Rescue and Princeton NJ Elks Lodge #2129

Give Blood – Save Lives, please make an appointment @