Bentley Community Services Opening New Distribution Facility

Posted on January 5, 2015

Bentley Community Services, Inc., a designated 501 (c) 3 charitable organization based in Montgomery Township, is opening a new, expanded distribution facility at 4064 Route 1, Monmouth Junction, Township of South Brunswick this month.

Bentley Community Services, who is growing and expanding their services, is in need of community volunteers to assist and help the organization with various tasks and responsibilities at the new facility.  Also, drivers with trucks, vans, or large SUV’s are needed to help pickup provisions from their generous providers. Training will be provided. They can be reached at 908-227-0684 and their website is

If you are a working family who is having difficulty making ends meet not reaching financial solvency, please contact them should you be in need of assistance during these unstable times.

Donations are gratefully accepted at the facility – please contact them for drop off hours and for pickups.  There is a suggested list of items for donations on their website under “Donations”.

Bentley Community Services (BCS) specifically addresses the needs of struggling, working families that do not receive assistance but need help due to the unstable economy. BCS is a unique, participant based healthy food pantry and more, currently serving families in Middlesex, Somerset, Mercer, Hunterdon and Morris counties.  With numerous job lay-offs, individuals working fewer hours and earning less pay, the higher costs of living, diminishing healthcare, an unforeseen emergency or medical expenses, so many working families are struggling.  Many families cut back on food and basic needs in order to afford their monthly bills and expenses.  By Bentley Community Services providing healthy groceries, fresh vegetables and fruits, basic needs, toiletries, household products, adult education and resources, the money they save on these crucial staples enables BCS families to pursue goals that move them away from the bankruptcies, evictions and foreclosures that threaten them, and on to financial stability. They are able to pay their monthly bills and expenses, pay down debt and feed their families healthy, well-balanced nutritious and delicious foods.

BCS empowers participants through accountability and setting of goals, fostering their capacity to give back through volunteerism in an environment of community. Typical outcomes for families of BCS’ program include decreasing/eliminating consumer debt, catching up with mortgage or car payments, meeting medical bills, paying toward student loans, or helping pay for vocational training or tuition for college (which, research shows, is the most effective way out of poverty).

BCS welcomes those who need a “hand up” rather than a “hand out” by meeting their immediate needs while helping them to work towards restoring self-sufficiency.  BCS provides support and encouragement in a culture and environment of accountability and self-help to place families on the path to financial stability and security.

Participant families in the Bentley program shop weekly with the freedom to make decisions and choices based on their family’s needs from a full range of healthy groceries and staples where BCS offsets their grocery and basic needs bill. Current participant families have experienced a significant reduction in their debt, are meeting their monthly bills and expenses and are realizing emergency savings.

Please contact Bentley Community Services for assistance, for volunteer opportunities and to make a donation.  Thank you for your generous contributions and support.

Source: Bentley Community Services

Date: 1/05/15