Artist Exhibition at Thomas Sweet

Posted on March 4, 2015

SiriOm sees himself as an abstract expressionist. He uses acrylic and collage applying layering techniques, primarily with pallet knife, to create images that are intended to help the viewer experience inner peace, love and unity with the divine, with humanity and with the world.

All images in SiriOm’s art are portraits, whether they are trees, flowers, buildings or landscapes. They are all a representation of our humanity- our need to plant ourselves solidly in the world, to relate to other elements and beings around us, to create structures that have a personality, become living things  and serve as a testament to how we care for our world.

SiriOm’s work has been displayed at the New Jersey State Museum, Ellarsley – the Trenton City Museum, ArtWorks, The Gallery at Mercer County Community College, Da Vince Alliance, Artsbridge and Phillips Mill, and is part of many private collections.

The show is on display for the month of March. Artist reception on Friday March 20th 7-9pm