The Opies Mill Pond bridge and the former mill are historic and scenic Montgomery Township landmarks.

Are You River-Friendly? Is Montgomery? Let’s show we are!

Posted on June 22, 2016

The Montgomery Township Environmental Commission and Sustainable Montgomery have formed an alliance with SBMWA to support the River Friendly Education Program for our watershed. What does it mean to have your property river-friendly certified?

Becoming River-Friendly is easy. Simply fill out the below survey (from the Stony Brook Millstone Watershed Association), which outlines actions you can take at home to protect clean water and the environment. Categories include water quality protection, lawn & garden maintenance, water conservation, and wildlife habitat. If you check off a certain number of actions, you will become part of SBMWA River-Friendly Resident network; this includes exclusive workshops and events, access to the Facebook Group, and an eye-catching yard sign that lets the community know about your efforts. If you fall short, our coordinator will work with you to implement additional practices to help you reach the target score.

Take online survey to see if you are River-Friendly!


River-Friendly Resident Brochure Checklist
River-Friendly Tips for your Home

Partner Programs

Jersey-Friendly Yards
FoHVOS Private Lands Stewardship Program
Sustainable Jersey: Click here to see how our River-Friendly Programs can earn your town Sustainable Jersey points!

NEW! River-Friendly Municipal Competition

Support your town this year by helping grow the number of River-Friendly Residents! One municipality in the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed will receive this first-time-ever award that recognizes River-Friendly efforts. Check out this River-Friendly Resident map to see where our town stands:

Let’s show what we can do, Montgomery! For more information, contact SBMWA’s River Friendly coordinator, Brittany Musolino at 609-737-3735 ext. 37.  There is no charge for her assistance.


Source: Montgomery Township Environmental Commission