Arbor Day Volunteers Wanted April 5

Posted on March 21, 2019

The Shade Tree Committee provides a number of Arbor Day programs designed to encourage interest in tree planting and to add to the tree cover in Montgomery – and you can help us! Here is an overview and a call for volunteers, below that:

3rd Grade Workshops and Free Trees
All 3rd graders in the Village Elementary School have workshops with the Shade Tree Committee members and other volunteers, including local tree surgeons. The workshops focus on the importance of trees and the proper way to plant and care for trees. Each child received a tree seedling with easy to understand planting instructions, and an illustrated description of the tree. 

Each year the Shade Tree Committee introduces a different species of tree. Past years featured: Douglas Fir, Norway Spruce, White Pine, Red Oak, Honey Locust, Yellowwood, Shadblow, Pin Oak, Sugar Maple, Sweetbay Magnolia, Tupelo, American Beech, American Hornbeam, American Linden, Bald Cypress, Bur Oak, Sweetgum, Shumard Oak, Chestnut Oak, Willow Oak, Redbud and White Oak.  This year’s tree will be a tulip poplar.

Free Trees for Newborn Babies
Tree seedlings are also given on Arbor Day to babies that were born in Montgomery in the previous calendar year. Extra seedlings are then given away to interested Township residents.

Arbor Day Dedicated Tree Planting
Each Arbor Day is commemorated with the planting of a new tree on Township land. Past planting sites have included the Municipal Building property, Montgomery Park, Harlingen Green, and Van Horne Park.  This year’s planting will include a short ceremony April 5 at 11:45 in the Arboretum.  More details will be posted on the Township website the week prior to Arbor Day.

Seed Contest and Live Exhibit
The Mary Jacobs Library in Rocky Hill hosts a seed contest for children ‘Can You Tell the Tree? Can You Count the Seeds?’

The young readers are asked to try to identify the species of a tree by its seeds with the help of a tree identification book, and, to guess the number of tree seeds in a large jar. Each year the committee presents a different mystery tree, whose seed are later offered for planting. In the past the contest featured: red oak, buttonwood, Canadian hemlock, red spruce, white pine, sweetgum, American beech, black walnut, honey locust, sugar maple, Kentucky coffee tree, shagbark hickory, redbud and scarlet oak. The winner gets a book about trees from the Eyewitness series.

Call for Volunteers
If  you are interested in participating in the annual Arbor Day program on April 5th or can come out the day before to help package up the seedlings for the students, or would like to apply to serve on the committee, please contact the Shade Tree Committee by email at

Source: Montgomery Shade Tree Committee